1.)Sungmin Oppa sat on the stairs at the extended stage and sang to the fan beside him.

2.)Sungmin oppa catched a towel a fan threw at him and he teases some fans by “giving” then the towel. All fans wanted to pull the towel!! then suddenly one fan pull the towel soo hard she managed to get it and Sungmin POUT like a little boy!! omg soo cute when the he didnt have e towel and looks ” upset”

3.)Ryeowook always were at the extended stage area

4.)One time Kyuhyun went to the extended stage area, and heechul come to him.. and hug him and they walk away together.. *–*

5.)Jungsu was SOO hyper at the end of the concert. he went to e extended stage area and fans threw all the towels they can throw.When he caught it, he wipe his sweat using the SAME towel and threw it back to the fans!! it was WILD~~

6.)Kyuhyun Hi-Five to almost everyone at the side of the stage before the concert ends..

7.)Some fan pass Shindong an Apple.. he ate it. And pass to jungsu an apple he threw the apple at the standing area instead

8.)heechul walk at the a platform near the seating area. Coz it was close to fans. All fans tried to touch him but he shift his body 90Degrees so he wont get touched/mob by fans!! LOL

9.)Jungsu was MOB by fans when he came near to the seating area!! all fans try to at least touch him once! he doesnt mind at all.. LOL he look soo cute when all the fans try and hug him and he wanted to hug back!!

10.)One time shiwon was walking at the platform, coz too many fans wanted to touch him. the security push away all fans, VERY HARD. Won was soo gentlemen he said with his famous gestures.. “SLOWLY.. one by one…” the security look abit… *___* LOL shocked..

11.)When shindong was on the rolling platform, a fan gave him a rose. He held it tight!

12.)Ryeowook saw a banner held by a fan. He ask the fan to throw at him the towel. But the towel drop and another fan threw again at him and managed to catch and totally look extremely happy!! LOL!!

13.)Shiwon stand on a box at the extended stage.. to get close to all fans.. then *yehsung came as well

14.)Sungmin wore the pumpkin outfit. He tried to climb the stairs with the outfit. But it was soo hard that he took one step at a time..[imagine how a pregnant women take the stairs] LOL

15.)Sungmin catched a towel given by a fan. He wanted to hold it with both hands so he tried to swing the towel to his left hand. But coz the PUMPKIN costume was SOO huge, he tried soo many times but fail. in e end, it was his lines to sing.. he just held the towel with his right hand ^.^

16.)When KANGIN vcr was on, i can see Teuk tears..

17.)Chul forget his lines to one of the song during ss3!! ROFL

18.)Yehsung couldn’t finish his lines for his solo. He wanted to cry. So fans chant KIM JONGWOON till he left the stage!! * tears*

19.)Donghae Single Ladies was hilarious!! he kept pulling down his dress so we cant see his underwear, but we did.. ><

20.)Eunhyuk body is like a girl.. SLim and pretty!!

21.)Lady Hee.. omg.. SOO adorable

22.)The funniest part was when heechul could not take off e Chili outfit and members ignored hiM!! but in e end sungmin help him to take it off

23.)When yehsung was doing push-ups, donghae tried and press down his body!! [naughty hae!!]

24.)Donghae did a flying kiss for standing fans!!

25.)yehsung lie down on e stage to tease fans!!

26.)Jungsu version of being a Rich Arab guy was totally EPIC!!

maaf cuma ada bahasa inggris aku sendiri jungkirbalik baca nya -.-